Roots Institute Of Hotel Management is founded and operated by a team of experienced Culinary & Hospitality Educators. Roots Institute Of Hotel Management is a private organization dedicated to offer the world's best professional Hospitality education. Quality, Professionalism, Ethics, and respect for diversity are the basic values that guide our efforts. We teach our students the general knowledge and specific skills necessary to live successful life and to grow into positions of influence and leadership in their chosen profession.

At ROOTS, we understand that the student is the most important person. We care about the unique needs of the hospitality Student, have carefully designed our curriculum around small classes, and personalized attention. Many of our faculty is experienced professionals with impressive achievements in their fields of expertise. They continue to be involved in contemporary creative trends and techniques and share the knowledge with their students. Our faculty has first hand information as to what the employers need and they provide Students a practical, focused education that prepares them to begin their careers with on-the-job skills. Our students learn traditional, fundamental cooking skills. In addition, they learn the realities of working in hospitality and the food service industry